GOHD Books

“Oh it’s closed” 

“Well maybe?!”, I said while peering in with puppy eyes. I could see a lady over at the other side looking up, and I waved at her. She waved back, gesturing us in. I gestured back, trying to reconfirm her gesture.

“Looks like we can come in!”, I turned to my friend and said.

We went in and found the lady to have her head back down, working on her MacBook again. The GOHD Book felt so out of place amongst Burlington Square if I have to say. But in a good way. It felt like a place when you tap the bricks and it opened into Diagonal Alley... that sort of “out of space”.

GOHD Books

Don’t think they’re going for magical, but the array of books that they seem to have up for grabs comes from the end of times, dating back to the 18th century or possibly more. Books that are definitely decades older than me, which have gone through more hands and lifetimes than I can imagine. From the Holy Bible to the classics, to books from Egypt, Africa, and all over the world, you’d never imagine you’ll find them decked neatly on an unsuspecting IKEA shelf.

I ran my hands through the leather bounded spine and flipped through some of them, carefully, as they whispered ancient poetry into my heart. I walked around the space before I decided to verbally thank the lady who’s known as Diana. Meanwhile, my friend being an avid book collector is having her time of her life like a little girl in a candy store.

The 3 of us burst into a chatter and laughter when she began sharing some of her stories of GOHD Book, and before I know it, we started exchanging stories of our journey in e-commerce. The cold room with awkward furniture and an untouched table and chairs seem to have become alittle more alive at the breath of our laughter!

Perhaps it’s the laughter, maybe the stories, or perhaps it’s because the stars in the universe aligned and she happened to be here and we happened to be there and we were honoured with a bunch of discounts with our buy!

GOHD Books Shelves

“You got my number, so just drop me a text if you’re coming and I can pop by”, she said as we are leaving. We left the place with things more valuable than money could buy, and possibly, a friend and an amazing story to share whenever independent bookstore pops up! So our next stop, City Book Room!

Name: GOHD Books
Address: 01-37 Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen St, 189649
Opening: varies (please check with them)

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