Podcast: Rye off the Bat

    I'm a fan of one-takes and one-cut, so that really set up the premise and feel of what I want to create for my podcast.

    Hence this podcast is born! posting every Wednesday and Saturday, Rye of the bat is a one-take recording of my personal experience in life, from mental health topics to musings and occasional "artistic performances", the variety of content doesn't end there but I'd very much retain the genuineness of having one-take contents.

    I love to create more "real" content and I feel that's also allow me to know/understand and hopefully love myself more as I embark on this content creation journey!

    Latest Episode

    Rye off Collab

    Rye off Collab is a special spin off series that takes the same art direction as Rye off the Bat; doing one take, unscripted podcast, only that in Rye off Collab, we have afew more other brains crunching ideas with us.

    Listen to Rye off Collab