Hello! 你好! Néih Hóu! こんにちは!~

I'm Ronnie and I'm a 27 years old entrepreneur!
I have always been writing and blogging since young but this humble hobby of mine faded away as I ended up with snippets of writing in my "Notes" App instead. So over the years, all these "Notes" started piling up, alongside with my various art project. I then decided to go on a journey of self-discovery, where I strive to work on myself, trying out different projects from Travel Photography, Acrylic Painting, Poetry to Leather Making. And for this, I'll be posting the contents that I have written over here. Most of them would be stories and experiences from my voyage. Through this journey of self-discovery, I'll make my contents as authentic as possible.

I felt it's time to share my love for the world with the world, where I would slowly work on how to go about living a fulfilling life. I love writing, I adored them, and as bizarre as it is I would always love to give a poetic yet creative touch to my writings. I love sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences, culture with a tinge of an artistic touch. And yes, by this time you should know that I love Arts! I'll definitely love to share more about art spaces with you.

I'll love to share the places that struck a chord in me, the beauty of the journey we have transverse. It won't be filled with attractions to go to, but hidden gems that whispered right into my soul when I take the path less traveled. Places are written like stories, from the food that I find it intriguing enough to share, to some humble travel hacks.

I would try to section out my writings definitely, but you would see me try painting the sunsets and sunrise to you, telling you tales of my adventures, weaving you stories from my heartstrings. And I wish. I truly wish, that through my writings, I could inspire individuals to push themselves out of their comfort zone, so they could one day write unique stories of themselves.


From the COLLECTIVES section, you'll explore several themes that encompass several different writing projects, from travel thoughts, workaway write-ups, to painting cities as a person through creative writing.

While TRAVELOG would section out the writings by countries/cities I have been, where each of them would carry my bottled personal emotions stored and written digitally to be shared with you people.

EXPLORE, on the other hand would signify larger travel projects, such as countries where I visit multiple cities/towns.