Woods in The Books

We venture into the woods in the books. Just like a misadventure of a bookshop right out of a whimsical tale, the woods in the books have all things magical, seemingly focusing on children's book. It was later then I realized that they are an independent bookshop that specialises in all types of picture books and illustrated books.

That really makes sense though, thinking back a lot of the books that caught our eyes are pop up books and novels with really eye-catching covers.

Woods in the books Singapore Independent Bookstore

I walked around, looking at numerous titles, while I could see Myo stacking up after books in glee at the thought of adding them to her collection. She bought a very notable Kanagawa wave's Hokusai's pop up illustration art book. There are also several notable trinkets for sale, from little toys to plush to timeless woodworks.

There are several titles that caught my eye, and there are also some collectables that are only for display only courtesy of the owner. The unique titles are definitely what makes Woods in the books so unique. Together with the timber-wonderland aesthetic. This bookshop really live up to its name, and you'll be more than happy to get lost amongst the pages of the amazing books they have!

I'd been to woods in the books several times at this point of writing and it never gets old.

Name: Woods in the Books
Address: 3 Yong Siak Street Singapore 168642
Opening Hours: Wed - Mon: 10am–6pm

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