TT Style

“Woah”, I said to myself while I was darting up and down to wrap my head around this building.

TT Style, is a container-style, shopping plaza which comes with 4 stories of goodies.


From amazing artisan restaurants, hipsters cafe to artist’s market, this place is great to visit if you’re down for some art galore.

TT Style Taiwan Taitung

I manage to found this gem whilst cycling and this place blew me away. And around the area, there are several installations that are worth checking out as well.

TT Style Taiwan Taitung

Feel free to get lost in the area, explore the whole compound if time allows and also do check out what these stores inside the containers have to offer.

Name: TTstyle原創館 (TT Style)
Address: 950, Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City

Opening Hours: 10am–10pm

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