To the idiots who think that everyone is going to turn out fine

    "Everything will be alright"

    You pushed your plans to tomorrow, thinking that tomorrow would be a better day to do.

    It's never enough. The never-ending excuses and brushing thing aside.

    You buried yourself under trivial simple task, hoping to keep yourself busy. You play games to escape, read countless articles to take up your time, lying to yourself that you're making improvements somehow.

    Procrastination is your best friend as you put aside all your half done projects, hoping to find inspiration or the perfect day to finish them up.

    But are you really?

    You're always in your comfort zone swirling in the baby pool while thinking of the "big day" that never comes.

    You don't want to leave, yet watch others in envy, only "noting" that it's because luck and timing is on your side and it hasn't been yours yet.

    For all it's worth, there's an idiot within all of us.
    Waiting for the perfect time to strike, 
    Waiting for the iron to get hot,
    Waiting for the day to feel energized,
    Waiting for the perfect day that never comes.

    We make our own opportunity.
    Call it luck, call it talent, call it whatever you want  

    The timing is always now.
    Take Action Now.

    Plan and take baby steps towards your dreams. Make sure you're always inline and moving towards your goal.

    Be aware of distractions and we're never perfect.
    Setbacks and mistakes happen.
    But don't give up.  

    Your "big day" is on its way as long as you haven't given up.




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