Thoughts on Black Mirror Season 5

    Easily one of my favorite series, I have been following black mirror way back since season 1 and I'm always caught up with their latest works. With the amazing Bandersnatch, the upcoming season 5 actually set a pretty high bar for me.

    However, as much as I'll love to sing praises, I find myself hard to sit through 2 out of 3 episodes. Both of them have pretty interesting concepts, and I love their plot, however, I find myself wondering when it is over.

    The first episode, however. Striking Vipers wowed me. I love how they explore controversial concepts and I'll try not to spoil you people but episode 1 left a really thought-provoking after taste. It is also more realistic and relatable as the concept are more within reach of our era through the technology might be years away.

    For Smithereens, it was just a simple message, not exactly bad but compared to many of their previous amazing work caused this to fall to the back of the ranks for me. The ending is more or less satisfying as they were supposed to leave us with more questions than answers.

    Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too is probably sitting at the last of the 3, ironically ranked in their order the third one have a much lesser impact to me compared to the others for this season.

    All in all, I would still love to see more creations and continue supporting the franchise. People are always getting so caught up in technology, and this series sents a pretty strong message to all of us out here.

    And for me, I would always imagined my persona to be dead, only to find himself alive when I'm traveling.

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