The Unforgotten

I checked my phone whilst I’m on the train. You know how I’m dead when I’m back. For those who knows how dead I am.. you know. But for those who doesn’t...

I sincerely apologize, for those whom I haven’t been diligently keeping in touch with. This is just something about me. I don’t even open Instagram on a weekly basis, I don’t use socials unless it’s WhatsApp and Telegram for my work. Hell I am hardly on Carousell as well as I reply to my clients in batches. 

But here’s something I would like to say...

To every single one of you. You haven’t been forgotten. I won’t even forgotten each and every of your faces, your name, our stories, and how our lives intertwined at that very moment that the universe meant us to be.

I might not be a great poet, nor am I great with words. But I’d say what we have was so priceless that nothing can take it away. It is those stories that light me up whenever I reminisced 

It is these stories that kept me going in the darkest of time.

I might not be great at keeping in touch. Nor am I exactly really good at staying in line with my life plan.

There are still a lot of things waiting for me to be done. For that I know.

I don’t know how long I’ll take, but I promise you, each and everyone one of you that I’ll climb out of my hell hole soon.

I’ll get back out there, I’ll fall asleep amongst the embrace of the mountains again, I’ll cheer whilst the waterfall drums and celebrate life in triumph.

I’ll live again.

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