The Trading Glamour

    Watching movies like the big short and wolf of Wallstreet reconfirms that glamorizing the finance market is the way to go.


    Being a suave and charming badass, heist movies albeit more fanciful could move away as investments and tradings are much more realistic “within our grasp” as it is legal. In the case of Singapore, investments aren’t taxed, so one could die trying to be a full-time forex/stock trader. Me included. I’m guilty.

    Thus then, the market has spawned many likes of gurus which position themselves as the insanely successful, the outliers, the millionaire. They are the ones who decided to give back, but in the form of a “4-5 figure syllabus”. By that, I meant the price of the course. You won’t be graced with a glorified receipt, but however, you would be given entry to an exclusive group, or rather an “inner circle” where likeminded people who purchased the course can hang out together.

    Call it an exclusive meet up with a fee but those people claimed it to be the golden ticket to life. It is utterly brutal that only the outliers who would make it while the rest dragged their feet through the mud. Several currency pairs and stocks are thrown out every now and then, and good calls are praised and worshipped whole bad calls are just... another day of the market.

    Trading isn’t all that glamorous. You have your strategy, and you work on it. Hell, you work on it like crazy. Some days it doesn’t work, some days it does. Sometimes the risk-reward ratio is so skewered that naysayers are scorning at you at the sidelines.

    While it is all the fixed mindset that thing there is a “godly” technique somewhere which is gonna truck gold. Where without practicing risk management you’re going to multiple your account in the amount of powers. Which... I would say it is hardly consistent or sustainable.

    I took up trading because of my love of traveling and I fell in love with the freedom and flexibility. However, I don’t embrace the stress, though the adrenaline rush could be on par from the blackjack table at the casino.

    A certain lifestyle surely come along with once you’re doing well, but how difficult it truly is. The consistent hard work, the stress around the clock and holding on trades when you don’t know if they’ll blow up once the prices break out of their resistance/support.

    Who doesn’t want to be the outlier, the ones who make good calls? But to have what it takes, to memorize the indicators and price action at heart, to religiously follow the fundamentals, refine your own strategy, contain your emotions.

    The list goes on for sure, but here is the trader's glamour, in its rawest form.

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