THE MOON (Bookstore & Cafe)

From City Book Room, we continued on towards the moon bookstore, however this time we find ourselves having to take a bus instead. After getting off at Chinatown, The Moon is quite a distance away, but I assure you that the walk is nevertheless worth it.

“Hello from the Moon”.

Being a Cancerian I always find myself connected to the moon, be it my painting inspirations, writings or my longings. It felt as if the moon knows the tunes of my melancholy and calls out to it.

The Moon Bookstore and Cafe

The Moon however is totally a different thing, it is the bookstore with the most well defined personality amongst everyone that I’d been so far. The books doesn’t come in a huge array, but of afew humbly stocked shelf, and there’s a cafe at the back for people to hangout and read. I saw some of them having their MacBooks on, idly scrolling through social media over coffee or doing some graphic design work. The Moon, is the ultimate hipster, and a genuine one. Unlike the counterpart from the Chinese legend, the goddess from the Moon prefers coffee to mooncakes instead.

The Moon Cafe

She felt more like a person than a book store, a queen, a priestess, or a goddess. I see books that reaches out to us in the deepest part of the soul for self care, vegan diaries, tragedy that touches your soul, and books that would bring in fresh perspectives to your soul. Even though they don’t have a lot of shelves nor collection compared to the rest of the bookstores, the Moon is a bookstore that hits home. That gives you the books that your heart is searching for, quality over quantity.

The Moon Bookstore

It felt like the Moon Goddesses embraces feminist, people of color, LGBT, and her curation are nevertheless beautiful. I spotted 3 staff, whom felt like the 3 elemental fairies that was entrusted to take care of the magical bookstore. The one who calls the tide, where you could notice waves being drawn on her eyelids, showcasing her pride of the ocean. The fiery one with her flame red hair, so full of live, as she brews you a cup of joy to go with your read. And the guardian, the forest nymph who’s stronger than she looks, but she’ll warmth your soul with her smile.

The Moon Bookstore

The moon felt like a place right out of a fantasy world, with alittle bit of magic, coffee, amazing company and their breathtaking curation. And after a heartfelt goodbye, we head over to the Grassroots Book Room

P.S. They also have something called the Moon Mystery, where their curator Ruby would pick something off the shelf for you at an affordable fee ($30)!

Name: The Moon – Bookstore & Cafe
Address: 37 Mosque St, Singapore 059515
Opening Hours: 11am–6pm

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