Grassroots Book Room

    It was a pity that we didn’t manage to cover “Littered with Books” as photography and video isn’t allowed. I’ll be moving ahead and cover our final stop; the Grassroots Book Room instead.

     Grassroots Book Room

    If you love Jimmy Liao, there’s an local artist who draws in a similar style, you might want to meet Xiao Kuo. I’m surprise to know that he actually have a series of novels too.

     Grassroots Book Room Ah Kuo

    They have the legendary 小日子! A Taiwanese Creative label which comes with their monthly zine. Aesthetic is their game and so is their commercialised dark humour. I’m a proud owner of the “我有病” pin, a pin where made me embrace and stand up against my mental health issues.

     Grassroots Book Room Xiao Ri Zi

    Fans of the little prince rejoice as they actually does carry official licensed products. They comes in the form of stationeries, note books, anything that would brighten up your everyday with the presence of the Prince. The Le Petit Prince Area is new the cafe at the back.

    Glassroots Book Room Cafe

    The cafe is a little strict as we have to order something per pax as long as we are going to take a seat. Also there’s no sharing, so we decided to order an ice tea and a cheese cake instead. The ambient however does make up for the food, and it felt like the tea is worth more bang for the buck than the cake. The cafe felt much bigger, and it felt like a place where sophisticated housewife’s would hold their book club meetings.

     Glassroom Book Room Cake

    Overall, the Grassroots felt like a prom and proper Taiwanese transfer student who plays by the rule, the punctual bookworm that reads a lot and definitely a homebody without any weekend tan-lines. However you’ll be amaze by the illustrations and art she conjure as there are several artworks that swept me off my feet.

     Glassroots Book Room Cafe Side

    With this we ended our book trail, crossing out 5 amazing independent bookstores. Personally I hope the contents in the Resident Tourist could keep growing as I collect more bookstores around our sunny island and share them to you. And may you find one or afew that would tug your heartstrings!

    Name: 草根書室 (Grassroots Book Room)
    Address: 25 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089839
    Opening Hours: 12–8pm

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