The Drunken Poet | Irish Pub

    “How’s the burger?”
    “I love it, especially the fried onion thingy”
    “Nice right? It’s our trademark”

    The auntie smiled at us before we left the established.

    Tucked in the back of orchard road, right across from the forum, the Drunken Poet is located at the ground floor of the notorious orchard towers.

    I would never thought I’ll be stepping foot in this part of orchard as they are known to be more ghettoish/sleazy.

    Aaron and I took a good walk from Don Don Don Ki, after a high ball at our usual haunt I asked him to pick a burger place for us as I wanted to bring him to celebrate my closing.

    The Drunken Poet an Irish Pub in Singapore Orchard Towers

    It wasn’t really quiet but the chatter blared across.

    I’d say they could change up the music choice as the vibes didn’t really align in my opinion to that of the Irish pub. They probably could have better luck putting on Ed Sheeran compared to avichi. Even though I do like to say that the ambient certainly brought up some nostalgic pre-drinks vibes.

    The Drunken Poet an Irish Pub in Singapore Orchard Towers

    As we were students back then, clubbing was considered a big ticket activity and most of us would drink elsewhere or outside by the bridge to avoid the hefty price tags for beverages inside the club. We call it “pre drink”, and with some sub par music blasting from our phones we’d usually make do and have fun too right before we hit the dance floor.

    Perhaps we are still pretty much hit by cover, amidst the whole recovery, but it’s also nice to note that we weren’t the only crowd there. I could see 2 other groups of cliques catching up their usual gossips over fries and stouts beside us.

    The Drunken Poet an Irish Pub in Singapore Orchard Towers

    Alas the food! It looked so much better in real life I swear! However due to the unfair competition with the good burger, which really come close, this one is really one of the kind itself. The Drunken Poet isn’t as shabby as the place itself but instead aren’t afraid to be different. The cheese arent as liquidish from the usuals nor their patty juicy/sloppy. It was clean trying to slice the whole burger in a civilised manner trying to consume it.

    The fries are nothing special, but the whole Cajun seasoning do make it excellent to go together with as they do add more depth to the patty. The crunching fried onion really takes the cake as they are known for being in Asian cuisines but it seems like the poet really gave this one good mix.

    I got the cucumber mocktail which was refreshing as I decided to skip alcohol at night due to my incoming anti depressant dose that I’ll be taking later.

    The Irish Pub’s Poet's Burger definitely sang a different tune from the facade to the ambient music. But it’s different in its own way and it’s definitely here to stay in my tastebuds memory for time to come.

    Name: The Drunken Poet
    Address: Sat & Sun:12pm–12am
    Opening Hours: Sat & Sun:12pm–12am
    Tue - Thur: 3pm10:30pm
    Fri: 3pm–12am

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