The Dark Gallery


“Please give me the darkest one”, I replied with pride.

Little did I know I’ll be doing one of the cringiest expressions of my life as I gave a literal >.<; akin to those baby-eating lemon video.

the dark gallery singapore chocolate cafe

After some window shopping, we decided to find a place to sit down for some chat and snack, so here we are at the Dark Gallery! Who doesn’t like chocolate and ice cream? Being a lover of Americano, I love all things black, so how could I say no to the opportunity to try out one of the darkest chocolate… ever?

the dark gallery singapore chocolate cafe

I was excited to learn that they have some really dark chocolate here and I happily checked in with the staff at their highest %. 88. I decided to challenge the auspicious sounding double prosperity 88% dark chocolate. It was a life lesson for me as it was there and then that I'd learned that .

the dark gallery singapore chocolate cafe Macron

The decor of the place is actually very well contrasted against its furniture and its more flamboyant bites. From colorful ice cream scoops to macarons, they are very well contrasted against the stark cool furnishing.

Alongside, I got used to the bitterness. It’s definitely way bitter than the usual black coffee that I’m taking, but this one really does take the cake. And I’ll be back again to challenge and prove myself worthy to the 88% huat (dark) chocolate


Name: The Dark Gallery
Address: Ngee Ann City, Funan, Great World
Opening Hours: 12:30pm to 9:00pm (varies)

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