Taking the Night Bus in Taiwan

    The night bus, also known as Ke Yun (客運) by the local is a night bus service that could be used to travel through cities in Taiwan. This is a very underrated bus service that runs 24 hours and throughout the day depending on schedule. There are a variety of bus services from various timing and I personally love the overnight bus.

    Overnight Taiwan Bus Service

    It is a very convenient and definitely the cheapest way to travel around/across Taiwan with their countrywide infrastructure that runs almost all day. There are bus terminals scattered across the cities of Taiwan, and they are mostly near a Train station for increased efficiency and convenience.

    Overnight Taiwan Bus Service

    There are also several bus services that I'll love to share. Since there are 3 alternatives, you'll very likely get to find a bus that departs on the timing you like!

    You'll be able to click on the bus service to be directed to their website.

    • UBus: the website is only in Chinese but you'll be able to check information throughout the day
    • Aloha Bus: a very catchy green bus that speaks for its brand, comfortable and "prestigious" image.
    • Ho-Hsin: more comfortable seating, with a higher-end for pricing. However, the website is also on Chinese only.
    • Kuo Kuang Hao (King Bus): This is the one I used as they have the cheapest ticket out of the rest! Also, they have an English website! 

    Overnight Taiwan Bus Service

    As a budget traveler, I’ll recommend is the King Bus Service(Kuo-Kunag), which has an English website to make it more travel friendly for travelers. They might be the most well-known service that everyone uses to travel around, even locals. Maybe some people would recommend other companies for longer distances, but I would say KingBus is more than enough. Equipped with USB charging, even though the seats are very ordinary, I

    Taiwan Kuo Kuang King Bus Interior

    It was an amazing experience and definitely an eye-opener as you could see the other side of the city when she sleeps. People who are part of the unseen machinery still work their gears and cogs around. People who travel across cities during unholy hours with stories to tell. The unsung heroes, the unspoken tales that'll lives in the now.

    Overnight Taiwan Bus Service

    Some Random Tips before I go
    • Take the bus at midnight or midafternoon to avoid the jam on the road
    • Get up early to book a good seat (you can secretly stock up on snacks and water)
    • Search and plan for your bus route using TaiwanBus.tw as they come with the directory from all bus companies. It is the best way to plan if you want to go by bus!

    Have fun! I hope this would inspire you, fellow travelers, to try out the various form of transport across Taiwan!

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