Taiwan @ 2019

    Taiwan 2019<Taiwan @ 2019 / 二零一九的台灣。>

    This generically named collective is similar to “Wander’in Thailand” and would consist of the whole country too, namely Taiwan. As fate decides, Taiwan came into my heart as a place that I have never been and it’ll be a great chance to strike her out as well. I was thinking of embarking on a long term journey. I decided to extend the VISA to the longest possible days. (60 days instead of the usual 30 days), I have found places to stay, places to explore while experiencing the various culture and living experience.

    Fingers crossed on improving my Chinese while I’m there, I’ll also aim to write at least some content in Chinese. This journey would be documented and present in writings and simple vlog where I’ll take upon this chance to kickstart my vlogging project.

    Ever since I started writing about my travel, I found myself to be more aware of my emotions and feelings. Writing not only serves an outlet for me to channel my feelings but also allows me to be in touch with myself on a more emotional level.

    This actually helped me to describe how I feel when I travel, and also an amazing opportunity for me to document down the priceless present moments and emotions that sometimes might go unnoticed or forgotten as we get distracted along our lives.

    And by sharing my experience and emotions, I hope more people would take up travel writing as their get in touch with the deeper part of themselves, where they could see several sides or even experience different personas of their character.
    This newfound awareness has not only benefited me mentally but spiritually as well. And I hope you could feel more, listen more, and love more whenever you travel and embrace the enigmatic unknown.

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