Sunset at Patong Beach

    Sunset at Phuket Thailand
    Hanging under the royal blue umbrella along Patong Beach, I have more or less accustomed and somewhat fell in love with the aloha life while I travel. This has been our to-do usually after lunch, while we lounge around with the natural acoustics of the waves and foreign chatter while we lazy read/use our phones. We'll always get a beer and a platter of fruits to go with. And I like how we can just bask in the silence together, in our own world, yet here.

    I'd never been a sloth when I'm overseas, with days crammed up like Tetris blocks, I had never let my hair down properly once.
    This trip has been a little weird, and different, but this journey with one of my best buddy who loves the beach taught me something new. I know Aaron since I'm a child when we're both 11 and innocent.
    Funny how we had never planned to travel before, and it's one of those days when we decided to just snag a ticket and get out of here.
    Since Phuket is his "territory" and city, I left the planning to him while I'll just let him surprise me. So far we had paraded the eclectic Soi Bangla, experienced Loy Krathong, made friends and drank with both locals and travelers, and the list goes on.

    Nearing 5, we actually decided to take a walk along the beach where we prowled along the whole coast of Patong, people watching, shooting photos of the ocean while "salespersons" of different tourist activities approached us. From parasailing to motorboat rides, we politely rejected since we just want to spend time running sands under our feet. We saw this ridiculously skilled calm catcher who went around tapping the sand before dipping her hands into the soil. Before we know it she then dropped the clam into a bag and carry on. We followed her and watched in amusement before we decided to try it for ourselves.
    We failed horribly.

    The sun fell off the cloud at 5.30, the jarring heat cast tall shadows against the sand, I looked back at the heavens with my eyes half closed, while my hand shields the top part of my eyes. It's a beautiful sight.
    We decided to hang around more before heading off for dinner.
    The sun started to set over here at Patong, this time I saw the color slowly bring out the hues of orange from the skies as if the sun's blowing the clouds up. It is as if the sun's a child flying a kite and the clouds are the kite. I could almost imagine giant strings are tied to the clouds, as the sun puts more distances between the cloud and him, while the clouds soar into the skies.

    The people oblivious to the sun lay nonchalantly on the ground. 2 ladies who're suntanning are too lazy to move, and they finally removed their straw hat which has no use now. I saw the sun ran along the mountains, as if the child descend against the vast plains, trying to lift the kite up further.
    The wave crashes, over and over again, this time further. As if they had gain motivation from the sunset.
    The crowd started to call it a day when they stomachs must be grumbling with the waves. And so did ours.

    We bid Patong goodbye for the last time as it's our last evening here.
    Till I see you again, Sun.
    Maybe from another distant land.
    But I'll see you.

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