Sunrise on the way to Cape Town

We’re 18 hours into our journey and we’re probably halfway there. After a night of sleep, I found myself waking up at 5.30am by sunlight through the window.

I got up, grouchy, with my face plastered against the cold window trying to look for the sun. I felt the palm of the morning cold on my forehead as my eyes dart around the vicinity, looking for the red giant. 

It took me awhile for my brain to register that I might just be another side, as one of my travel buddy opened the door and confirmed the fact. I was a little lazy at first but decided to force myself up anyway.

I have been getting 2 part sleep in South Africa. Waking up in the first 4 hour leg of my sleep, before going back for another 3-4 hours, sometimes none. My sleep schedule is pretty amazing despite all that insomnia as I usually turn in from 9-12.

And the sun is just there when I stuck my head out of the cabin. The red glowing firefly was whistling through the trees. It’s light filtering in and out, it felt like the seeker running after the snitch as our train is a giant broomstick.

I started pushing my lazy face onto the glass, my mind was alittle too tired to wonder if the glass is dirty. I stared out at the red dot, half fatigue, half bewildered.

I put down my phone and took the moment in. Part of me was bought back to Chiang Khong, to my first ever sunrise that I wrote, back then like a letter to you, urging you to travel.

Sunrise Johannesburg Capetown

I used to write for you. Or rather, you used to be one of the reasons that pushed me to write. But not anymore. It’s still weird to not have you around, and I do miss you sometimes. But then again, it is nice to write for myself, for once, for a change.

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