Stepping into Investment

    I never thought I'll step into the world of investment myself. The number of naysayers and cynics, coupled with the thin line of myths and legends of investment.

    Armed with a bit of knowledge, I probably know enough to steer away from most scams (I said most because some scams are still very well hidden). Because there are still outliers who manage to make it through the mark. I'd tried projects with a year of great track records only to find it failed me when we got in. We build a pretty great signal bundle but find it unsustainable when some of them tilt. It's still raking pretty decent profit, call me greedy, but I want something better, something more consistent. A huge profit with a larger than normal drawdown is a no-no, and inconsistent profits with huge and low profit and losses signify unstable trading.

    I begin to diversify into other areas of trading, to copiers, EA and so forth. Sure it might be hard to find, but we eventually find something that ticks across our list. Then we begin to start pooling a humble amount of funds for our project.

    Why Invest you might ask?
    I'm not asking for a lot of course. Not asking for a rich and lavish life, nor am I want to breathe luxury. I just want to have a humble income stream to allow myself to travel (backpacking style with workaway).
    Just something to allow me to feed myself while I go see the world. I don't want to get roped in and find myself clocking an 8-5 only to have 14 days to travel. It'll be utterly sad to use traveling as a means to escape and breathe while I spend my paychecks on hotels and tours.
    I want to experience the world, I want to stop into each place and dive into their culture. I would love to meet people who felt the same love for the world, connect, exchange stories, and share cultures.

    Maybe it's too much to ask for, but that is probably something for me to work on.
    Investment aside, then it would be up to me to get back up and refine all my side projects (a story for another day).

    So I save, I kept money aside, I'm not exactly rich, but my risk appetite is alittle around the border of $2k if you have to know. And then I got started on my little investment project with my boys and my own trading project at the side for sheer joy/passion or you can even call it a hobby.

    At the end of the day, don't let money or yourself stop you! Start a bit of investing if you could, any amount that you're able to part with. Stick with the golden rule and don't give up.

    I might be right, I might be wrong, but who knows if you'd never taken the first step out to try. It's been 3 months, and so far we are doing pretty good. Maybe we'd finally found our dragon, but maybe not. We'll know as we go!

    P.S. This is not an advertisement nor am I an insurance agent.

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