Start Being "Me" Instead of "You"

    When was the last time you felt lost? When you felt you’d fallen so deep that you could never be found. Or you actually never want to be?

    You’ve hidden yourselves so deep, to create someone else that’s not you, and probably eventually, your “you” are buried by all the summation of that “someone” that you (or rather, we) created.

    We always try to be who we are based on the projection of who we should be. Not who we really are. Inconsistencies, changes, we adapt to who we are based on what is projected upon us.

    How we all are fine-tuned by all the social situations, act accordingly, or rather, do what is deemed fit, normal, the status quo. The cursed “You” that is directed to us, by whoever that call us by that name.

    They all say we’re a summation of people who have met, things we experience.

    And there’s a part of everyone, in all of us. However, part of us still lies with everyone. But the part that defines us, is it really us? We might be lost, all the time. Until now, I’m still trying to find myself, digging up all the “someone” that I’d made and become over the years.

    I didn’t have many friends until I changed. I was quiet then, an introvert.
    I barely talk. I was a total polar opposite from who I am now.

    Maybe I change just to survive.
    Maybe I hated myself so much, that I’d attempted personality suicide.
    Maybe....that’s something that I would never know.

    But, we should be “Me”. Instead of “You”

    So go out there, search for yourself. Constantly.
    Go to where your dreams are.
    Travel to wherever your heart takes you.
    You don’t call yourself “you” don’t you?
    So do what defines “me”.
    Your unique “Me” that would eventually be what we call you.
    And have fun being “Me”

    When you reach there, don’t forget to thank me.
    Yes ME.

    P.S. I hope it makes sense to “you”, but it sure makes sense to “me”!

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