Stargazing at Hengchun

“Yes and I’m here for the stars”

“Haha really? A lot of my guests are here for the stars too”

“You can really see them from here?!”

“Yes, you can. And you can see a lot of them. It may not be the best but it is one of the best places to stargaze as we’re in the mountains”

Ahh, I smiled to myself at the thought of mountains. After Chiang Khong, I cant wait to curl myself up among the embrace of the mountains and waltz under the stars again. 

After the magnificent sunset, the owner took me out for dinner before bringing me back to the hostel. I even stock up a bunch of stargazing snacks. And the time has come.

It is unfortunately not as intense as the ones in Chiang Khong definitely. It was in fact, a little far off from what I’d seen, even though the number of stars I can see from here is no joke. It’s really beautiful still.

I saw my little children again as they came out, dancing in their own mini constellations. As they slowly moved across the skies. A resident cat came out and he sat beside me in darkness while we watched the skies together. A few minutes later, he rubbed his body lazily against my legs before running away into the darkness.

I stayed on while I looked at them again.

It is so beautiful to finally see them again, glowing from the distant future light years away. 

I was contemplating to take photos of the beautiful stars but the limitations of an iPhone camera aren’t helpful.

I started googling around and I remembered that there’s this app called the “Night Cap”. 

So nightcap is an app that helps you to capture that of the stars. I don’t know how exactly but the gist of it is leaving it completely still long enough for your lens to capture “everything”.

It is, however, a paid app though, but after much contemplation, I figured I might as well go for it. 

Anyway, after a little bit of fiddling around, I manage to get some photos of the stars, though not impressive, so I figured I’ll need more practice.

The auto features are pretty decent and here are some of my shots of the glittery abyss.

Stargazing Hengchun Orange B&B

So, what do you think?

Stargazing Hengchun Orange B&B

Sure, it needs some fine tuning, but I guess it's pretty good for my first time!


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