We took a little trip/tour to Soweto today, a township within Joburg that comes with a lot of history and culture.

South Africa Johannesburg Soweto

It wasn’t a nice place back in the days, due the struggles of the people here, the political war makes it way harder for people to be happy. Liberation became their key priority and it took a lot more blood and effort than everyone thought to break free.

Soweto means South West Township. The state of the decay only reminds us of the discrimination and the blood shed for freedom.

South Africa Johannesburg Soweto towers

We headed up to the Soweto tower amongst many other things and we also took a glimpse at the Kliptown as well.

South Africa Johannesburg Soweto hector pieterson

We also checked off the street where there’s a lot more stories to be told. The protest and the unjustified shooting that happened.


Soweto South Africa

We were graced by this amazing traditional performance in the cold!

South Africa Johannesburg Soweto Umqombothi
We even gave Umqombothi a go, where we all drank the traditional African beer the local way, when we all shared sips amongst ourselves from a bowl. 

It’s a immersive experience itself, and I’m glad we checked off Soweto on our list as a whole.


We ended our trip with a visit to the Aparthied Museum. Don’t wanna sound exactly vain but the 10R KitKat from the vending machine really made our day.

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