So I decided to Go For a Motorbike License


    I’m almost a quarter away from getting my license and I’m going to demonstrate true grit on acquiring the said license.

    I was once a coward when it comes to motorbikes.

    But that all changed after riding in Taiwan.

    I love the wind, I love the air, I love how carefree I was, from anything that could haunt me and bought me emotional pain.

    “So do you want to get a motorcycle license”
    “Yes... but...”  

    Before I could finish my sentence, my buddy Vic told me that we will do it straight today.

    “Since you said yes. Register today. You won’t sit on it again”

    And we did.


    The next thing I know, I’m playing pillion at his back. It’s funny how I was so afraid last time, having my eyes closed, feeling this is akin to a roller coaster.

    However, after traveling I got a ton of more balls.

    Vietnam was one of the major factors after because we travel daily via the motorcycle. I hitchhiked and I was being ferried via motorbikes too. And I rented a scooter in both Qijin and Kenting.

    And that was one of the few moments that I would always cling on.

    And hence the next area of my uncomfortable zone awaits.

    Perhaps I'll write about it, perhaps I won't but here's to me trying to make it happen!

    P.S. By the time this post is up, I'm probably halfway through! 


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