Qianyue Building

I was surprised that my hostel is actually really close to the Qianyue Building. I have somewhat given up my Urbex plans since I haven’t found anyone to do it with. However knowing that it is of such close proximity, I would really have to give it a shot. The building located just right opposite Miyahara, the amazing dessert parlor with carries more flavors than what they offer!

Qianyue Building Lobby

The building looks pretty ominous with its dark lift lobby with a suspiciously working lift. However, I decided to try out and pressed the button to test it out. I was actually surprised that someone actually came out from the lift and we exchanged a series of random greetings and mostly with me bombarding him with questions due to my excitement.

Qianyue Building Stairs

He then showed us the “right” way in by the alley and then left us as we explored the area. The first few stories were dark and ominous like how it’s portrayed on the internet.

Qianyue Building Art

However, things are a little brighter as we head up. We saw him on the 5th floor while he’s nice enough to let us be while he sat there, nonchalantly using his phone. After a while, I decided to strike up some conversation to ask about the projects/plans ongoing here. I would like to find out about the building itself.

Qianyue Building Urbex Shoot

Qianyue Buidling Art

Qianyue Building Art

Qianyue Building

We chatted while he bought us up to the 13th floor, where we were blown off by the amazing view of Taichung city from above. Whilst the beauty of QIanyue is unrivaled among the many buildings in Taichung. It is of such irony that it is those abandoned ones that hold the most depth and personality. And I finally found my "tank" structure!

Qianyue Building View

We took the lift down as they could only work one way (down), but I won’t have the courage to if I’m alone. I left the building with more questions since the fate of Qianyue remains unanswered. But it’ll definitely be a place that I’ll always revisit whenever I’m back in Taichung.


Qianyue Building 千越大樓, Taichung. Taiwan.

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