Prawning @ Shilin Night Market

“Well we do prawn fishing back in Singapore too, we call them pawning”  

“Wow, really?! How’s it like?”

“I don’t do it often, but I don’t really catch anything much. And I hate handling the bait”

“Oh, we don’t use the bait for pawning here”, she replied, instantly.

"So you haven't tried prawning here, then you have to try this!", she continued, before we replied.

Prawning Shilin Night Market

This is something that she and her friend occasionally do it and since it felt like a local activity, I figure to just went for it. We walked back into Shilin Night Market, and we went to the game section to look for the prawning area.

Prawning Shilin Night Market

She showed me how different it is like in here instead of how it was like in Singapore. So instead of using a single rod with baits, we are given up to around 10 rods with strings tied to a hook. We are allowed to use the rod as many times as we can until the line breaks. It is actually not as easy as I thought, the line breaks easily, or rather very easily. A quick tug by the prawn could break the line, or if you're pulling it too hard. However, a quick tip that I thought it might work would be pulling it really fast and tugging it up quickly so you get to pull up in the fastest time possible.

Prawning Shilin Night Market

We had tons of fun in the end and the guy even cooked the prawns for us! Served them on the stick and we'll have to peel'em ourselves. We enjoyed the prawns and head off after that, and this is probably one of the stories that I'll share and also recommend people to do if they're every in Shilin Night Market. Even though it's not as exciting as shooting bb guns, the local prawning way has its own unique charms!

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