Pizza 4P (Ho Chi Minh)

Pizza 4P came out various times whenever I was searching for food to eat in Vietnam, and even some locals friends even sang praises of 4P when I tried to verify. Little did I also know it would be one of Xiang's recommendation when I was in Ho Chi Minh City.

Pizza 4P Ho Chi Minh City

After exploring 14 Ton That Dam and 42 Nguyen Hue, it is time for lunch! This Vietnam-based Japanese Italian pizza restaurant is known to have the best pizza of Ho Chi Minh City, and they are actually really famous for their house-made cheese. Back then fresh mozzarella cheese doesn't really exist, so they have to improvise. Their cheese is crafted from scratch locally, so even their milk is harvested from the cows in Da Lat! Do you also know 4P also means "For Peace"?! Even though it is recommended that you should make reservations, we are really lucky to have seats when we are there, possibly it is due to the off-peak hours.

Pizza 4P Ho Chi Minh City

The black coffee actually left the strongest impression as it is really strong. It came with a dripper and it sure looks fanciful, but I was really in love with it. We also got the cheese platter to try (which I think is one of the most economical ways to also try all of their cheese! very interesting to try out the different types.) The pizza tasted pretty good as well, though what really left an impression for me is likely the service, the black coffee, and the cheese. The pizza is still pretty amazing though, but do note that a meal here would probably be classified under the category of "high end dining", which is much more expensive compared to other restaurants. We spent around the range of 200.000 VND here.

Name: Pizza 4P
Address: varies branches
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

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Thank you for sharing! I hope you try out 4P soon! Let me know how you find it (:


I often eat pizza at Pizza Hut . When I read your post I really wanna try it at the place you recommended.Especially I like the meaning of “. 4P “. it’s so impressive 😁

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