People I Met: Reggie

    “Hey there, is the art exhibition inside here?”

    “Yes yes, just head on right and go straight!”

    *I went before I met him again*

    “Hello, I’m sorry I didn’t get your name just now”

    “Hello I’m Reggie”

    “Wait? Reggie?! No way, wait, no way!”

    That’s how I met the artist behind the exhibition. Yes, Reggie Khumalo, the artist. 

    Reggie Khumalo

    The universe indeed have it’s strange way of working its magic and through Bertrand, I got to know about Reggie’s art exhibit.

    Reggie Khumalo Artist

    Professionally painting for 3 years and counting, Reggie’s a traveller and an artist.

    I love how his canvas consists of a unique mix of pop art and graffiti with a message or story to tell. I asked him about the story behind his paintings for some, and he decides to bring me and 2 of his friends down to check out his studio.

    Reggie Khumalo

    It was an amazing experience to check out behind the scenes. And I love how he have a corner wall just to work on his art.


    From out meet up, this hits me the most,

    “I hope I can paint till I die”.


    It’s nice to met a guy so passionate in his works. And that got me wondering about what I would love to do until I die.


    We shook hands and hug as we bid farewell.

    It was pretty late after and the city’s been in a state of an electrical blackout.

    I figured I’ll head back early, and with that, I ended my first “official” night of my adventure.


    Meeting Reggie gave me so many answers, but also left me with some questions to wonder on my own.

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