People I Met: Ewyna

    This is probably one of the most emotional works that I'll be embarking on and posting online for everyone else to see, alongside with my identity. Because this beautiful travel buddy is my ex-girlfriend.

    Absolute area 「遠くまで行く君に 」was playing in the background and it kinda hurt a ton. So I'll just add the link to the music just for random dramatization purposes. 


    The winds bought us to meet, the stars bought us together, and the mountains urged us to travel. So after an impromptu decision, we decided to whisk each other away to my (then) favorite and unrivaled country, Japan. It might sound as good as a curse, but Japan has always been the place that closes my chapter of romance (twice now), but however, both of them are bizarrely beautiful, as we didn't part on a bad note.

    "Hey! I can be a really fussy traveler", I said to her as we are looking for accommodations.

    "Okay, I'll try to do my best", she said. It is as if she would try her best to fit my plans, though I didn't thank her then, I was really thankful inside.

    I want to see EVERYTHING of Japan, and by EVERYTHING, I mean literally as I would be out and about at 9-10am, and I won't be back until late as I pocket as many places as I can in my memory lane. We had the ultimate itinerary, as we have a road trip to Hakone, went to museums, Disneyland, went to a kabuki show in Ginza, rode the swan boat in Ueno, go through all the temples in Asakusa, walkthrough Akihabara, and ran for the last train in Odaiba. We also checked off the Sky Tree, the tallest structure of Japan.

    "Now that we are at the highest point of Tokyo, I have to kiss you now", I said as I planted a kiss on her face that grew into a smile. I watched her eyes widen and glow as bright as the city lights. And I closed my eyes, sealing this romantic moment in the deepest depth of my heart. I also enjoy our supermarket date where we go around buying microwave food, as we both dived into the local culture, the local way. This date is actually my most memorable and favorite date, despite us only having convi-food while seated on a pale-out-of-muji-wooden bench. Maybe she's also very rough as a girl (tomboyish, sorry), but that's also why I find her to be more real, and candid. Also possible that someone passive is more attracted to someone aggressive.

    We fit. We couldn't fit better as we are both up and on the ball every day. She is an amazing travel buddy as I couldn't ask for better. I enjoyed each and every one of our days together and it doesn't feel like I'm planning the trip alone as she also pulled her weight along our voyage. I love how she'll also help make decisions, navigate and even participates in planning. One of the best things is not being a wet blanket when things went wrong. I think it is usually the turning point of a trip if something didn't go your way. I'd heard horror stories of egoistic travelers pointing fingers, selfish ones leaving the rest for dead, or being all Debbie Downer. As a girl, she is definitely not picky over food as this is probably one of the biggest paradoxical questions of the female species. 

    Ewyna, you probably had risen the benchmark of my travel buddy criteria and I can't be more thankful for our journey together. After Japan, we manage to enjoy another year of happiness and bliss, before we woke up from our midsummer night dream with a bittersweet after taste in the afternoon. But all in all, know that my heart would never lie, and he'll still pick you after what we'd been. Even though circumstances need us to go, promise me you'll take good care of yourself.

    You're the one I fell crazy and deep in love with, yet you're the one I wanna murder whenever we fight. I have never felt such intensity along my emotional spectrum and thank you for making my world a brighter place with your laughter and goofiness. I hope you'll always be real and you will be who you really are, all the time. I wish the you that I see is real too, sometimes...heh. This is a difficult piece to put together but I figured I'll need to have pieces of you on my site, because you are one of my most beautiful stories, and I would love to share it with the world.

    Thank you for always volunteering to give me a hair wash despite us having such a long day and apologizing when you're too tired on one of the nights. I know we're in Japan but you can don't act like my Japanese wife, you know? ahahha! But all in all, I have more "thank you", and "I love you" than "go away", and "goodbyes", that makes our love... beautiful, right? You'll always be one of the characters that inspired me in writing and poetry, and I hope years down the road, you'll still feel the pieces of love I have for you, in my writings. (F*ck, trying not to cry at this point).

    I could never forget you being adorable, and your "what if we fall in, we can't swim!", will forever bring smiles and laughter to my heart. Please let our chapters be worth reminiscing, I am glad that we part on a good note. I hope I'll get to see you again. Please say hello to Seville for me, and never stop chasing your dreams, relentlessly.

    Goodbye, my feisty cat.
    ~ Koba!!! ~
    (I need to put numerous exclamation marks to show how epic it is)

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