People I Met: Apoh

    “Oh, my mum’s from Malaysia too!”

    “She’s from Ipoh, how about yourself?”

    “I grew up in Johor”

    “Really? I went to Johor a lot back then because my Aunt use to stay in Johor, Permas Jaya”

    “I stayed in Permas Jaya!”

    “Oh my God, Permas Jaya too?!”


    It was pretty psyched to found someone who stayed at a fond place of your childhood memory and that’s where I met Apoh.

    A tattoo artist hailing from Malaysia, I met Apoh at the Taiwan Tattoo Convention at Kaoshiung when I'm over there attending the event. She rented a booth there to exhibit her artwork and we started talking after.

    Since we are both introverts, we kinda just hit off right there. I never realized that we were talking for so long actually, and it’s been really nice!

    We talked about a lot of things, from LGBT to mental health awareness and I daresay it is great to find someone who shares the same view as you are. And she gave me her postcards! Of course, I’ll have to make her sign for me, right?! 

    “A Girl from Permas”, she signed off with a smile.

    It’s always happy to meet people, even more so nice ones. Maybe because of my near zero self-esteem, I cherish a lot when people do nice things for me. Thought it might sound like a small gesture, but to me, it meant the world. 

    Her work carried a lot more meaning to me now too, they’re not just beautiful artwork that is to be admired, but art that comes with an artist, her personality and her stories. And they mean a lot more to me compared to the others.

    After staying so long with her, I told her about my writing project, where I have a series called “People I Met”, where I’ll write about the people I meet. It’ll cover the amazing people that I’d met and a bit about them as well of course. I figured I don’t have the right to tell their story for it is for them to tell. So if you ever meet anyone out there, know how precious it is when somebody shares their stories with you, because nothing could ever replace them. Each and every one of them.

    And yes for those who’re still reading now. Her amazing Instagram has not just tatts but cats as well! Her adorable kittens on her instastory would make your day I swear! They are now my favorite alongside with the derpy Pekingese that I’m following. 


    Though she’s not in Permas Jaya anymore, she’s now residing in Kuala Lumpur where she works there!

    Feel free to buzz her up on Instagram if you’re looking to get ink and her works resonate with you! 

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