We decided to give PATA PATA a try as we are on our last night here before We leave Johannesburg.

I forged a much stronger friendship with Omar, whom I really respect. He had an interesting life, and his perspective on things are pretty unique. He introduced us to Bright who pop by later and the 5 of us had a great time together. 


The ambience is pretty good and the staff is nice as they came to check in on us to see if we need anything/ask if the food’s great.It was a heartwarming dinner as we exchanged stories and cultures. It’s always nice to have dinner with strangers that you thought you’ll never be friends with only to find that you’re just bizarrely similar, or human, together; in one way or another. 


PATA PATA felt like a comfortable place for gathering with decent food. It isn’t too noisy on weekdays but come Sunday, you’ll be grace with an amazing live performances of local music. 


We were told that there’s a blackout incoming at 8 and there’s even an app to check the blackout schedule. Well we’d been here for a week and so far we’d chanced upon 3 blackouts.


We bid our farewells before heading back to our dormitory and I find myself wondering about tomorrow. It’ll be the next great leap of faith as we challenge the sheer long hours of a train ride (30-40 hours) across the whole of South Africa towards Cape Town. It’ll be one hell of an experience and a story to tell, but a great one to tell when alive.

P.S. Ironically it’s “nice” to have electrical black outs as data is being cut, wifi’s down and people are ultimately forced to socialise... Or get an early night. 

Address: 286 Fox St, Jeppestown, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa
Opening Hours: 8am–11pm

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