My Singtel Love Story

Hello Singtel,
You had me at Hello, and I fell in love with you at Hello. You were my first love when I was using my first Nokia phone. We had you do the internet for us too, you seem like the perfect girl next door and back then you're the only one we could choose and we weren't picking as well. It was the old dial-up service back then, and we're always very patient with you as you could barely muster your breath over the dying digitalized breath that sounds sadder than my imaginary dying grandfather. We play Neopets together, adopted Aliens, the familiar beeps of the MIRC server would always be the sound of my coming of age.

I had my hand on yours and yours on mine. Then with 6100, you bought colours into my life and we would play bounce and "Hong Ah Lians" (pick up girls in Hokkien) on Friendster together. Snake was so 1800, we are playing bounce now, it was the talk of the town. I still remember the times we would call those ringtone scam hotline and giggle at those midi music, only to find out that it cost a bomb when the bill arrived. My parents were really angry at that time and I have to fork out 2 weeks worth of my pocket money as punishment. We laughed together, we cry together. It was fun growing up together, and I thought it would be our greatest love story ever since. We eventually moved towards broadband internet. You told me that you need more money so you can bring this service to us, and I supported you and gave you what you need. It was still pretty good, because we grew up together, and I want to see you grow too.

Then the other girls came into the party, the Princess from Emerald City and the Pheonix Maiden that rose from the flame. They're all glitter and glow but I still stayed for you. The Emerald Princess had her trademark puppy which stole hearts from the crowd, and the Pheonix Maiden is probably... just hot hahahha. They have so much more to offer, while because time is our greatest proof of love, and being the romantic I am, I stayed. My heart didn't sway at all, and we formed much more memories together. You got me my first walkman phone, and we would listen to our favourite songs together, songs from 5566, west life, we sang them together at 2am across the street when nobody's looking. You know I love photography and you got me a K800i, we had so much fun going around town to snap photos, back then Marine Square had brown flooring, and Esplanade was just built. Everyone calls it the "Big Durian", but it was our love nest, even enough I can never take the smell of the durian. 

Time flies after that, and sooner you started to give lesser and lesser. You gave me problems, you bully me with that extra charges even though it might be my fault. But you were very unfriendly about it. You weren't as nice anymore. After that our relationship went tumbling down. We went on a whole whirlwind of a relationship when we have a lot of quarrels, with each one getting more and more trivial. You started getting more and more petty. You started ignoring me whenever something is wrong and I'll never know how to fix this. Possible neither do you, there's not giving on your side, only taking, and perhaps after all this time, I have lesser and lesser to give.

You know you're in a toxic relationship when you see couples bickering, getting so annoyed and throwing the break-up card. I'm really afraid that we might wound out like that. When you're in a job that you're gossiping behind your boss, telling your friend you "have to quit", "this is bad", "I am seeing red flags"; pun indeed, as your flags are literally red. Maybe all these while I'm seeing them through rose-tinted glasses.

I wanted to ask about my plan details if there are any loyalty perks, and you ghosted me, making me felt like I'm begging for your service. Maybe you're busy, but a simple yes or no is suffice, or you can let me know so I wouldn't be here waiting. In the era of 2020 our WhatsApp message flow is even slower than 1990s letter writing.

Singtel Customer Service

And who's Shirley? You seem to have gotten so busy that you have a manager working for you now. Is my time not worth your attention anymore? Have you ever forgotten all the times we had? Back then I was with you when you had the dial-up line plug to your backside, and I stayed even when you're dressed in that bulk white modern which yellows before our 24 months contract. And now it seems like you're plugging that internet line up my ass by all your annoying antics that is starting to get up on my nerves. Your replies are getting lazier and lazier, and sometimes you would ghost me for no apparent reason as if you're punishing me. I can't understand you anymore.

Starhub Customer Service

The Emerald Princess jumped on her first opportunity and she's really quick Well you can't blame me for texting other girls right? Because you didn't reply. You can't blame me for being unfaithful because I wasn't flirting with them at all. I just wanted to see if I'm in this state because I didn't love myself enough. But I only asked them to find out where I stand.

M1 customer service telco

But...the Pheonix Maiden isn't very impressive.

It was sad, really sad that one day I realized that I have to let you go. I have to stop letting the memories come in between us and causing pain for both you and me, or maybe it's just me. Maybe you don't need me anymore, and maybe I shouldn't be so reliant on you anymore. After speaking to my family, my Pa, and Ma, we all agree that you may have been getting alittle out of hands all these years, and I'm not sure if my folks could survive another 2 years with you without bursting another blood vessel. Maybe we would still stay with you, just for old times sake, but deep inside, I know that it wouldn't be what we have anymore. So... with a heavy heart, I figured that perhaps should let you go, and I hope our differences would allow us both to grow as better individuals, just as the Universe intended.


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