Moon Met Mountain Shawarma

    Since I'm living in Taiwan (Taipei) for quite a while, 1.5months, a lot of my question revolves around my daily life and also another being my staple food. Since we do have to grab meals often by ourselves, it makes sense to have a go-to to prevent decision fatigue.

    Located near Taipei Main Station, and also walking distance from Ximending (to give you an idea this is a place of convenience). Moon Met Mountain was introduced to me by the hostel staff. This is also one of their "to-go" when they're getting take out. I called it fake-subway because it's... shawarma!

    Moon Met Mountain Sharwama

    The menu is simple and easy, and it is really cheap and affordable. I'll usually have this for lunch or even dinner if I want something light (though usually I'll do some sort of supper if I'm staying up)

    Moon Met Mountain Sharwama

    It is interesting to walk through the alleys where you'll always find familiar faces during lunch hours. Locals who would head out, getting their food like clockwork. It is a sense of bizarre familiarity that makes you feel at home in a place away from home.

    Alongside with Moon Met Mountain, we also always have "lunchbox", where in Singapore we would call them caifan (菜贩) or economic rice, we would be given a variety of dishes to choose from, and usually, the menu in Taiwan works like (1M + 4Vegetable for NT100). I'll leave the details below! And much to my delight, Moon Met Mountain Sharwama is actually a franchise so be sure to keep a lookout if you're just around Taiwan!

    P.S. I added the Branch's Facebook link because it seems like you can order via Facebook as well :D

    Name: Moon Met Mountain Shawarma (月見山沙威瑪)
    Address: 中山區合江街105號 Taipei, Taiwan
    Opening Hours: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
    (Taipei Hejiang Branch Facebook)

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