As a fast-food lover and a slut for fries, burgers, and pizza, I can’t resist Maroosh when we first saw it! And what’s a better way than to try out their very own local favorite fast-food chain! 

    Maroosh Abu Dhabi

    Located in the food court under the grand mosque is this possibly hidden gem. A local spoke to us because he saw that we can't decide between the shawarma and the burger.

    “Get the burger, the burger is good. It’s my first time trying the shawarma”

    “Do you want to try it? Here come try it”

    “Ahhh it’s okay! But you try it and let me know how it is!”

    Being such a sport the local stood there and took a bite and we both watch excitement and amusement. 

    “Get the burger”

    We all burst into laughter! It’ll also probably be one of the stories that would stick with me for a while.

    Maroosh Abu Dhabi

    I love how the original Lebanese burger comes with fries inside the burger. Surprisingly the onion is tasted really delicious. The meat is tender and boy it tasted really, really good.

    This is a great go-to if you’re ever in Abu Dhabi, and they have various franchises around the city so don’t miss this!

    Name: Maroosh Restaurant

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