Man Tu Zen Tea

    Have you ever tried a tea from the universe?
    Yes! And no, not literally, but spiritually.
    Because if you haven’t, you might want to check out Man Tu Zen Tea. (at 14 Ton That Dam)

    Tucked in the corner of the ratchet looking 14 Ton That Dam, this grungy building might not look much, but she sure has a warm heart. Beneath the rust and cracks, lies Man Tu Zen Tea, a beautiful non-profit organization that not only gives you a safe space over at the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh City, but also all things spiritual. 


    We came across this while exploring this vintage building and the welcoming signboard actually leads us to one of my best story in Ho Chi Minh, ever.

    The humble cooler oscillated, whilst the soothing hymns of the wind chime occasionally spreads across this cozy space. People sat pairs, each in their own world, oblivious to their surrounding. On my right there's a tarot card reader who's there as well to chill sit around, to uncover stories and give answers for those who seeks the seer. The spiritual melody blared on to compliment the symphony.

    I love this.

    As a practitioner of vipassana and a spiritual person, I practice dharma. The art of giving, and being compassionate filled me up since I got better from depression. I volunteered as a listener, do charity and sent postcards to make the world a better place. I’m also a closet art geek too so what this place offers amazes me.

    We were beckoned in by the very kind lady who welcomed us in. Don't let her petite build fool you, because she also has a very big heart. And did I forget to mention that she's an amazing artist too? She draws really well and I'm very impressed.


    After getting to know her, she's a volunteer here and she have been staying here for awhile to help out. She also told us about the Man Tu Restaurant below. She then gave us the gist of the place before proceeding to prepare our tea for us. And being very indecisive, we actually asked her to gave us one of her own concoction. 

    We sat by the side, where we sip tea, and just being in the present, basking in the wonderful vibes of this miniature utopia before heading off an hour later. 

    As much as we love the place, we have to move on and keep up with the schedule of things to do, and with a heavy heart, I bid my little safe space goodbye.

    This amazing place not only proceeds you a sanctuary, but also shelter too if you need to stay a night or two to tide in.

    They also have meditation classes and various art workshops too. 

    This place is simply amazing and it’ll definitely be one of the place that I’ll revisit whenever I’m back in Ho Chi Minh. 


    Name: Man Tu Zen Tea
    Address: Lầu 2, 14 Tôn Thất Đạm, Quận 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 700000


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