MAJI Square

    Located right outside Yuanshan station, by the EXPO Park, MAJI Square is one of the amazing places that you could/should go see.

    MAJI Square Food CenterYou’ll start by finding yourself in a food center with retail stores from local Brand’s laced by your right. The food center, similar to Singapore’s “Coffeeshop” concept, comes with various food stalls and a common sitting area. 

    MAJI Square Carousel

    Further in you’ll see a beautiful carousel that is probably the instagrammable backdrop and behind we have a sizeable artist market that you’ll find yourself lost in the jungle of various merchandise that is made to take your money. Yes, they’re all things sleek, cool and adorable.

    MAJI Square Artist Market Glasshouse

    However, if you wandered a little deeper inside, you’ll find yourself in a small section with artisanal types of restaurants, from hot pots to burger bars, and in the atrium, there’s a stage for live performances.

    MAJI Square Performance

    So usually at night, there would be a complimentary live show that would bring the place back to live, amongst the lantern willows that give a really Asian oriental forest fusion feel to Maji Square itself.

    MAJI Square Performance

    It is, ultimately a good place to get lost in. To enjoy good food, whilst the beautiful performance goes on. There are dancers too, dancing by the square, giving the night a festive touch. Definitely, a good place to go probably in the evening, after a visit to the fine arts museum or a walk in the park(s).

    Name: MAJI Square 
    Address: No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
    Opening Hours: 12–9PM


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