We began our journey with... breakfast!

Or was it brunch?

After parading the streets, Lola is one of the cafe that’s opened at such an early time of the day (before midday). 

It’s nice to see a huge family of locals gathering at the back laughing in loud chatter, there are several other locals in groups of 2 and 3 going about their breakfast. What a good place to take in.

Lolas Capetown Cafe

I love the vibe and the air of this space. It’s counter right at the end, with cakes and bakeries displaying with pride behind the glass. The barista was laughing and chatting with the large group of locals inside, taking photos, handling out drinks

We decided to sit outside because there are 5 of us. It’s nice to chat and get to know new people from the hostel as we talked about various other things, from culture to even how most Asian are always believed to be afraid of the sun, and... it’s true!

lola bartlett art

The food is pretty decent and it is a good place to pop by if you ran out of ideas. I’m both surprise and happy to find out that Lola Bartlett is the artist behind the arts hung around the interior of the cafe. Please do give the artworks a look if you’re ever in Lola! And they are yours to take home at a price. Her psychedelic doodles are amazing and beautiful. 

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