Kruger Adventure Lodge

I never thought I’ll write a review about an accommodation so soon but Kruger Adventure Lodge certainly deserves a shoutout more than anything this time round. There are numerous camp around the whole Kruger reserve but we decided to go with the Kruger Adventure Lodge. And I’m glad it didn’t went wrong at all.


After a lengthy 5 hours drive, we finally make base at their campsite which consist of a humble tentage with everything you need. This is as close as glamping you can get and I fell in love right after the door. I love the bed, as they come with a blanket sheet, a quilt and to top it off, a very thick wool blanket. There’s also an A/C.


I love how it’s made of pure tentage with the foundation being structured by a slab for good measure. Think primitive technology with a touch of “technology” itself. The toilet isn’t backward at all as we have working flush, hot water and yes, a personal shower is all you need after a long and exhausting day chasing footprints. 


I love the little extras that comes along with the room, such as the clean tower, the soaps and shampoos are given in abundance as well. I also love how there’s a mini pantry area that comes with a water boiler so you could make yourself some hot tea/coffee at night!

For a basic 3 days 2 nights, we are offered a “Sunset Drive” on the day of arrival, from 3pm-6pm and also a “Full Day Drive” from 5am-3pm. Dinner and breakfast are also provided over the days. And I’m talking about the pretty glamorous three course meal dinner that squeeze the extra bang for buck instead of a simple humble meal.

The breakfast however comes in the form of “breakfast pack”, in a refurbished-Apple product style box that consist of a muffin, sandwich, fruits and drinks to keep you energised for the day.


The dinner, yes! Though drinks are at our own expense, we also get to walk through a “either/or” choices over our appetiser, mains and dessert. And I dare say the kitchen surprise us all the time! The african pudding certainly left an impression and their burger-and-chips are the best comfort junk food for guilty pleasure. Nothing beats warming your hands over the bowl of the hot soup while sipping it to kickstart your appetite.


The adventure lodge certainly opened my eyes to camping with convenience as I was totally prepared to bring a sleeping bag or burrito wrap my body after a cold shower in freezing temperature. They really made it felt like a staycation and this is exactly what we need if there’s ever a Jurassic Park!

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