Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Center

Pier 2 Itself comes with 3 areas for you to explore, and on top of the map below, I’ll also share with you the gist of the areas.
Here's a map for your reference!

Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center Map


#1 The Commercial Area
(Dayi Area)

Pier 2 Art Museum Kaohsiung Taiwan

This area is the first area that I’d come across. Being the commercial area, this place is laced with artisan shops from different industry and fields. From haircuts, tea to daily products, this place have almost everything that comes with an artistic flair.

Pier 2 Kaohsiung Wu Guan Bookstore

I also came across the amazing Wuguan Books, my favorite bookstore from Kaohsiung thus far. So far this is the only store that left an impression and I can't wait to share with you! Click on the link to read more!


#2 The Exhibition Warehouses with Art Installations
(Dayong Area)

Pier 2 Art Museum Kaohsiung Taiwan

Walking along Pier 2, you’ll find the Exhibition Warehouses which comes with periodic exhibitions and also art installations.

Pier 2 Art Museum Kaohsiung Taiwan

Arts was all around, everywhere.
Murals, Installations, and even some are created to make you feel as if that they’re a part of the building. Like even on air-conditioning! 

Pier 2 Art Museum Kaohsiung Taiwan 


#3 Exhibition Ware Houses with the “Train Park”
(Penglai Area)

Pier 2 Art Museum Kaohsiung Taiwan

The exhibition at the side is located a distance away, but it definitely makes everything worth it once you’re there. For people with kids, there’s a mini ridable train. The Train Park itself is a visual galore, with a huge park  

Pier 2 Art Museum Kaohsiung Taiwan

The park is great for all sorts of crowds, from couple to family and friends, it’s an ideal place for picnics, catch up while you hide under the shades while enjoying the breeze across the plains.

Children running across and rolling in the ground, teens strolling across the park, friends laying on the grass. And walking along the tracks and further down would bring you to Takao Railway Museum.

I'll end with an amazing robot mural before I go!

 Pier 2 Art Museum Kaohsiung Taiwan

Name: Pier 2 Art Centre (駁二藝術特區)
Address: No. 1, Dayong Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 803
Opening Hours: 10am–6pm

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