Wuguan Books (無關實驗書店)

I stumbled upon this place when I was walking around the area of Pier 2, a really huge area that is plastered with Arts! I love how morbid the front is, the “funeral” set up. The quirkiness leads me to actually think that this was actually an art installation until I went in.

Wuguan Bookstore

It was really dark after I pulled the curtains to the side. I love the darkness among it all, and it’s so dark that I can barely see my hands. It was an amazing experience because I haven’t been to or see any bookstore like these.

Wuguan Bookstore

Over there, there are only lights shining on each book. Giving it a magical yet peculiar touch.

Wuguan Bookstore

The Cafe area lies on the second floor where according to the theme, there are only lights on the tables.

Wuguan Bookstore Misfortune Cookies

I love their merchandise actually. Especially the misfortune cookies which took a play at the dark humor and also their coffee which comes really black, together with their trademark glass bottle. I would actually have one if I haven’t had any coffee prior.
It is a good souvenir if anyone is thinking about it.

Wuguan Bookstore Black Coffee

The bookstore visit was a very stimulating experience, with all the darkness and wandering around, I left the place a lot more intrigued, inspired and with the sunlight splashing little more harder onto my face due to my increased sensitivity to sunlight. All in all, this place is really a must go if you’re ever near Pier 2! 

P.S. If you have to know, this wonderful art space is made possible by Chu Chih-kang Space Design.

Name: Wuguan Books (无关)
Address: 803, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Yancheng District, Dayi Street, 2-1號倉庫
Opening Hours: TUE-FRI (2–8pm) SAT-SUN (11am–8pm)

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