Jason Bakery

    After a wearily train journey the night before, we slept in for abit before we decided to head out for some food. It was the perfect brunch time then, the sun isn’t too harsh and the temperature was somewhat cooling. It wasn’t humid at all.  The climate over at Cape Town is so much more friendly than what we experienced at Johannesburg. We were walking randomly after sending out the postcards before we came across this and decided to try.

    Jason Bakery Cape Town

    I love the hues of the wood against the sleek noir dark streaks of blacks. The coffee machine whisk silently in the background. There’s barely any chatter, it isn’t too crowded. I love it.

    This space felt like it’s made for introverts. Like me, like us, and like everyone else there.

    There are some locals sitting around, enjoying the quiet company while sipping their coffee, a man by the side was reading a book with one of his leg folded up, facing the road. A lady was sitting inside, looking out, idly scrolling her phone. 

     Jason Bakery Food

    I got my first fix of coffee here. My favourite and usual Americano, since I love my coffee as dark as my soul. It takes great though it didn’t left an impression. But the croissant sure did. I love how well it went with the melted cheese. And the bacon is fantastic. Though I haven’t met any bacon which disappoints! 

    Jason Bakery Cape Town Postcard Wall 

    It postcard wall is an amazing art piece itself. As an avid postcard collector, it touched my soul. I love reading the postcards, connecting with the stories and words of the random strangers that I would never meet. 

    Come here if you’re ever in Cape Town! It’s just around the corner and you could bring a book if you’re early because the place closes at 3.30.


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