Intro: Wanderin' Thailand

    This is a special collection that is specially dedicated to a whole country. I never thought Thailand and I would cross paths, much less this often.

    After my trip from Phuket, I have whisked away again, this time getting an impromptu flight just a few days away, where my buddy and I drove across the northern parts of Thailand. 

    The beautiful mountainscape where we find peace, the wonderous waterfall that drums us to slumber every night, and the temples that whispered to our heart to sooth our wilting souls.

    And this became our yearly "pilgrimage", upon our second year of pulling this off, we actually crossed the borders twice. With Burma being the first, and Laos being the second.

    I got caught onto writing, about the sun rises, sunsets, and the many adventures that we embarked upon from there which would stay with us for the rest of our lives. I even dabble in creative writings, where I do open letters to fictional and non-fictional characters and I also created "HER: Cities & Town", where I personify each town and cities I have been.

    My buddy and I, we spent a lot of days together, on the road, with 6-7 hours of driving, we exchanged stories that we never told anybody, listened to a crazy spectrum of music, and explored places way off the beaten tracks, most of them not even made accessible by public transport.

    Throughout this journey, I got in touch with Thailand in ways that I have never thought. All the nature and urban explorations, museum visits and temple hopping. We meditated at the highest point of Thailand in Doi Inthanon, prayed for the world within the ruins of Chiang Saen and the list goes on.

    Thailand unknowingly has taken up an irreplaceable part of my life, and she always would.

    I would be dedicating this space and collective for all of my stories around Thailand, and hopefully, I'll be able to inspire readers to pack their backpacks and take that leap of faith that they had always wanted to. Your better self in the future is standing over at the other side, so what are you waiting for?

    Meanwhile, I'll work on as much backlog as I could, to slowly fill up this space, with stories that'll soothe and inspire your soul.

    Thailand Wanderlust Chiangmai

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