iLight 2022

    iLights have been a yearly event since I first saw it bringing the city back to life. Aimed at creating thought-provoking messages behind these artistic installations to remind or warn us about the harm to the environment through inconsideration or simply, ignorance, iLight always has a wholesome (sometimes dark) message behind it.

    iLight Singapore 2022

    It has been a while since iLight due to the whole covid saga that Singapore's been through. Even most of us ended up staying in, working at home, and also eating in. Food delivery riders ended up lighting up the roads with their safety lights instead.

    iLight Singapore 2022 Firefly Field

    It was only until recently when the lion city proudly open its gates again to properly embrace the outdoor activity. I couldn't wait for iLight as I really miss going out, checking off art installations, and making sure I have seen everything if not as much as I can.

    iLight Singapore 2022 MotherEARTH

    Perhaps it's been a long time, but this year's iLight hits me more, despite being less grand, than the other years. I however really love the diversity of messages from the, as to how the artist is sending out these different messages or ways that we can make the world better.

    iLight Singapore 2022 Plastic Whale

    Aesthetic aside, there is so much more; about how our world is responding to our actions, how fleeting sometimes things and life are and we may have not acted in the best of everyone's interest. Or sometimes we may let our immaturity come at a cost.

    The 20 installations took less than 2 hours to cover, with more than enough time to read, ponder over and take photos documenting these yearly traditions down digitally. I even vlogged down this time, making it something different as well.

    iLight Singapore 2022 Marina Bay Sands

    I decided to push myself to get started on doing my part as well; creating vlogs, writing, sharing the festivals with the rest of the world, opening the doors and widening the embrace to more people. To share, to inspire and make the world alittle better.

    It all begins with a seemingly small step forward. And that's how all the journey started.

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