How to Take a Bus in Ho Chi Minh

    I got down the airport and I was prepared to take a cab but I realize that there is some time for me to spare. So why not try taking a bus over to district 7 then?

    "How to take a bus in Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon?" I literally wondered that to myself and tried googling it. After several readings that left me still alittle helpless, I decided to go for the “practical method” where I started asking the locals.

    Ho Chi Minh Bus

    I used Google map to figure out the bus stop, and since there are various bus numbers I kinda just wing it and just hop on the one that's going to go. (Thank God that Google Map is pretty compatible with this city)

    There’s an amazing app that I would recommend which I’m not affiliated with is "BusMap" The app is pretty intuitive to use despite having freezing (1-2 times for me) Loading time might varies possibly due to internet speed but do give the bus 2-5 minutes allowance as there are cases of buses being late from it’s written schedule.

    Click to Download “BusMap” iOS | Android

    * I followed Google Maps to the bus stop and there would be either a “bus pole” or a bus stop with shelter waiting for you. It might be hard to notice at first but just keep a lookout.

    *Do take note to keep your phones near to you or close to yourself as there are snatch thieves around Saigon.

    Ho Chi Minh City Bus Stop

    * Hang around the “bus stop” and make sure to flag for the bus! Some locals would walk out to the road to flag them as the bus driver might drive off if there’s no one stopping and if he didn’t see anyone flagging the bus.

    * Upon boarding the bus, you can see if you want to double-check by gesturing and showing him the place you would like to go or just go right for a seat (if any).

    Ho Chi Minh Bus Conductor

    * Don’t worry about payment, a conductor (usually a lady who sits beside the driver) would come around issuing tickets after receiving payment.

    *Have your google map on so you’ll know which stop to stop at*

    * Sometimes the bus doesn’t stop complete but they just slow down, so make sure you are holding onto everything securely before disembarking.

    Ho Chi Minh City Bus Ticket

    That’s all you need to know for taking a build around Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City! And you'll also get a nice souvenir of a ticket! Now go out there and have an amazing journey!

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