Hong Kong: COMIX Home Base

I stumbled upon this amazing gem while getting lost in Hong Kong, wondering in Wan Chai. Wan Chai is also actually a street that is famous for its huge array of toys, figurines and anime shops!
This building definitely stood out with its amazing architecture, this four storey museum packs a huge load of arts, anime, and culture.

The best part? 
It's free to enter! 
(Even though they have some ticketed events as well)

I walked in anyway and COMIX literally blew me away. The first floor transported me back into the ancient traditional Chinese houses, with the likes of the huge hard and the high doors. Shops and exhibits littered around everywhere and I decided to slowly head my way up.

Arts, arts and more arts. 

They have a huge variety of works there and as an art lover, I truly enjoyed this place.

COMIX Home Base Hong Kong

I actually met a staff who's working there by the counter halfway through when he asked where I'm from. We started chatting and I told him a bit of my story, what brings me here and my love for anime and comics.
He starts to bring me around a few areas of the museum, showing me various arts and also showing me the amazing "comic archive", where we can explore the various art styles of Hong Kong artist.
I was being blown away, and here's an art of Batman Hong Kong that I'll love to share with you people.


COMIX Home Base Batman Hong Kong

I bidded him farewell after he has got errands to run, and I told him I'll come again soon :D

I actually love how quiet the place is as I was the only person there that time, and because of that I actually got the whole place to myself and I really took my time to read, admire, adore, and look at all these art pieces that were curated there.

I even bought my cotton travel buddy along too!


Comix Homebase Hong Kong Turtle Plush

As of August 2018, COMIX Home Base would be returning to the Hong Kong Art Centre

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