HER: Pingtung (Kenting)

    Kenting is one of the Pingtung Sisters that I get to meet during my journey so far. Before that, I almost gave up meeting Kenting because she was way at the bottom of the map. But thank God that I did. Truly.

    Because she might be one of my favorite city so far.

    I was a little lost at first despite having the maps on, and after a call, Kenting came down to fetch me. So I went up to the mountains with Kenting, which she told me that comes with the ultimate view for the sunsets and the ocean. There is see, glancing at me from her dark red scooter. I walked over hastily with my baggage and sat at the back.

    “Ready?”, She said.

    “Yes, Ma’am”, I replied while looking at Kenting for the first time. 

    “Anyway… Hello, and we’ll catch up when we’re back home, okay?”, She turned her head to the side and said while the engine of the motor is left running.

    I noticed several tattoos across her arms, from the white shores, the tiger eyes to the crimson coast, these tattoos signify the seas that she’d conquered.

    She was wearing an Eluanbi Tee shirt with short denim pants which have the ocean waves sewn at the back. 

    The place is cozy, humble and I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have found this. The tranquility of the forest and the ocean, the blue skies that contrast perfectly across the sea. And Kenting love cats! You wouldn’t believe the amount of cats Kenting have!

    Most of the cities took me around however, Kenting actually gave me a chance to take the wheels this time. It was my first time giving someone a ride and surprisingly didn’t take me too long to get familiarise. 

    We rode across the whole state, where I went around across the whole town. It was an amazing experience because not only did I toured across the beautiful beaches, but also the villages as well.

    Being at the tip, we are able to catch both the sunset and the sunrise. This is why it’s so beautiful here. We headed over to the most southern point too, where we stood there, facing the ocean while exchanging our stories before both of us fell into silence and let the waves of the ocean took over the conversation. The sound of waves crashing, as if a child throwing rocks onto the window repeatedly, trying to catch his lover’s attention.

    We caught the sunrise at the dragon bay together. And it is truly amazing, the wind did sweep me off my feet. Emotionally and almost literally!

    I extended my stay with Kenting and I couldn’t even bear to leave when it’s time to go. We had breakfast together by the beach for one last time before she sends me to the bus stop.


    “So… I hope you like it here”, she smiled while placing her arms around my shoulder. 

    “Yes, I did. I love it. Not sure if I could really use that tan but…”, I smiled back while showing her my tanned arms.

    We both laughed at the tan-line of my Fitbit. 

    “So…Taitung next huh!”, she asked.

    “Yea, can’t keep her waiting since I had extended”, I replied.

    “You better get over quickly, it’ll take awhile from here”, she ushered me while gesturing to the incoming bus.

    “Hahaha, I know. I’ll see you soon okay?”, I said… with some doubt. Deep inside, I wish I could have a chance to visit this place really soon.

    “Ah! I’m sure you’ll come soon! Just give me a ring if you miss me okay! And my kittens will love to see you again someday!”, she said while helping me with my luggage into the bottom of the bus.

    “Okay, Kenting. It’s been a pleasure to see you.”

    “Pleasure’s mine.”

    I had my hand on the windows of the bus, as I saw her waving at me as the bus drove off, and I turned back to my sit and smiled to myself while thinking about the amazing memories that I have had while I’m here.

    Getting out of my comfort zone, learning to ride in the traffic, meeting new people. I am halfway through my journey now, and I can’t wait for the next chapter of my journey.

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