HER: Introduction

Yes, Her.
The one you met while traveling, the one who provoked your thoughts, picked your brains a and challenged you to look at life a little different.
While traveling, I write and create different types of content and writing.
From open letters to places that speaks to my soul, I decided to work on something different this time.

I would like to give life to the cities/town I have been.
Characterizing these places as a person (her) that I met during my voyage.

Titled: ”HER: Cities & Town I have met”, I will introduce and give a brief and conceptualized writing about the city or town I have been.
This would also be the first creative writing collective I will work on.

You’ll notice snippets of attractions that are scattered over her, from ornaments, apparels to body art (tattoo) and through this writing I'll like to give the places I'd been a personality, from a different an unique perspective. From their physical appearances to emotional traits, I would be telling a story about the city/town as a person, giving them trinkets of attractions and culture to their local flavors to each and every single place I had been.
One could be wearing a shawl which represents the waterfall, reserved like the folks of the village, or like a distant friend that you had to meet.

With this, I would definitely love to inspire the wanderlust in you to look at the places you love from a different perspective and also push the boundaries of travel journalism.

So what kind of person is your favorite city to you?

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