Gukje Market

We crossed out the Gukje Market as well to complete the self-proclaimed trinity of the "Jalgachi-Nampodong Area", and here we are! We actually accidentally stumbled upon this space while we let ourselves get lost in BIFF Square. The 2 spaces are relatively close to each other, so it makes sense to check both of them out.

Alittle backstory to the Gukje Market is that this place is first established by Korean War refugees who set up stalls around this area as their livelihood, and overtime Gukje Market evolved to what it is now. Pretty amazing huh?!

Gukje Market Busan

Now back to Gujke Market itself, this is notably one of the largest markets in South Korea, with the likes of the Namdaemun Market in Seoul. The market stretches out to various other smaller street markets across the map, but its main market comes to a diverse arsenal where you can find stacked neatly across each street, from textiles to electronics, and home appliances. And you can haggle/bargain if you wish! You'll be treated to some sights of motorcycle riding across the narrow streets of the market which might leave you utterly bizarre as some of them are dodging tourists and locals alike between honks. Some of them carrying giant stocks of goods and items, possibly struggling to get back home to unload. It is still nevertheless a cultural sight to behold in the streets of Gukje Market (The same goes for BIFF and the other street markets we'd come across as well).

Gukje Market Food Street Busan

Along the Arirang Street, you'll find the Gukje Market Food Street, with a huge array of local street food that would drive you crazy. Feast on their Gimbap, mixed glass noodles with a variety of random toppings and don't forget the Pajeon (Korean Pancakes!).

You'll see this place become livelier come late afternoon to evening, as street food aunties and uncles position their food carts along the side of the street while setting up and prepare food. You'll also identify some low sitting chairs where customers could sit while taking a break from all the walking while they eat and people watch from lower grounds. (the sitting actually reminds me of the street food stalls in Vietnam).

Name: Gukje Market (남포동 국제시장)
Address: 25 Gukjesijang 2-gil, Gwangbok-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea
Opening Hours: 9:00-20:00

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