Getting to Cijin Island and Biking there

After having a great time at Cijin Island, I decided to write a short guide on how to get to Cijin Island, and about renting a bike there.

It was a non-peak period when I decided to head over to Cijin Island. And because of that most Ferry Piers are closed as they usually either operates on weekends I’d reckoned.

After wandering around the coastline, wounding up at the shipyard and asking the locals, I finally found out the Ferry Pier that operates all time.

Gushan Ferry Pier

So I present to you Gushan Ferry Pier. You are even entitled to a discount if you use your easy card.

Gushan Ferry Pier

It was a very authentic and local experience for me as I walking in amongst the locals. The riders rode onto the bottom deck of the ferry with their bikes and the residents walked up to the upper deck.

Gushan Ferry Pier

The whole ride took less than 10 minutes and the ferry actually “barely moved” and you’re there before you know it literally. 

Cijin actually felt like another side of Kaohsiung that people hardly see. Maybe it’s the hassle of the ferry ride, but I feel that travelers shouldn’t give this a miss. 

There are various “Touristic attractions” in Cijin however the riding experience is the only thing that I fell in love with. And catching a sunset at Cijin is amazing as well! Let me get to it in a second heh. 



Extra Content: Renting A E-Scooter in Cijin Island

Gushan Ferry Pier Scooter Motorbike Rental

Yes, you’re able to bike even if you don’t have any prior experience nor a license is required to rent a bike there. Also called an Electrical Scooter/Motorbike, this vehicle works almost exactly like a bicycle with a speed cap of 40km/hour. You’ll be given a quick crash course before you’re good to go. 

Little did I know, this would really make me fell in love with biking as I rode down into the Sunset.

There are several bike rental stores around Cijin Island, I actually walked along the street instead of getting the first one I see. And I manage to get one at 300 for 2 hours.

My map actually flew off due to the strong wind and I just loop across the whole coast of Cijin. I went all the way into the end before riding back into the sunset!

Name: Cijin Island (Qijin)

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