Gajah Gallery

    Yo! I said hi enthusiastically to a familiar face. It was our yearly reunion once again during the Singapore Art Week, and as usual he stared straight sternly, giving off that cool look when we first met.

    He’s the statue just right outside Gahah Gallery.

    Gajah Gallery Singapore

    I put my arms playfully across his shoulders like long lost war buddies who’d finally found each other’s arm. And as usually he’s just there, there.

    Everything else aside I gleaned into the gallery space; the notable cube globe, amongst many other familiar faces (or I mean painting) who stayed. I do see some new works being put up across the space as well.

    Gajah Gallery Singapore

    Gajah Gallery felt like a comfort zone, or the quiet library that no one really takes off in the sleepy campus. Tucked on the upper floor of the district park, there is little to none clues telling you if it’s existence, but it’ll be for the ones who know to tell the tales. So here I am, being one of the honored many who lived to share this amazing hidden gem.

    It’s really spacious as a gallery as you can expect yourself to form your little bubble as you float from one art pieces to another. Gajah weaves together the world of Southeast Asian artists, they have gallery space in Singapore and Indonesia, show casting some of the most proving contemporary art.

    Gajah Gallery Singapore

    I love the quirky art and sculptures that the gallery has, from flamboyant ones to the quiet wallflowers. One of the gallery staff waltz gently towards me and I nodded slightly in a careful greeting before starting a conversation. It was great to learn so much from the staff themselves as they also shown us different works (not just one that’s in the gallery.

    I’m awed by all of them, go after which she carefully descended and retreated behind the glass door, and it felt like one of those surreal magical moments when you asked yourself “if I really happened?” “It did”, I smiled to myself while looking at the shine of the acrylic lacing across the canvas. 

    Such demonstration of knowledge and passion would always lead me back to Gajah Gallery, always.


    Name: Gajah Gallery
    Address: 39 Keppel Rd, #03-04, Singapore 089065
    Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 11am–7pm, Sat Sun 12–6pm

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