Flying in Less Than 30 Hours

    It's 2 am now, and I figured I'll write about my feelings before I go try to get some sleep.

    The last week was more than surreal as my plans are not only taking form and shape, but it is indeed happening.

    I begin to only feel the heat in the last 72 hours as I panicked over several stuff from travel essentials to get my money changed.

    I'm less than prepared this time around as I don't know what to expect. This is more than crossing out of the borders of my comfort zone. This is a leap of faith.

    For this project, I'll not just be going in pretty much blind. But these are not exactly a mainstream travel destination compared to the other parts of Asia.

    There are scary stories and myths that struck fears into many, causing them to deter the place.
    And for me, I'll be spending both Christmas and new year in a place I'd never been to.

    It'll definitely be an experience but... I'm trying to not expect too much. My travel persona... is still asleep I guess, as I could feel myself getting woozy throughout this adrenaline rush of errand runs these few days.

    There are so many parts of me that were so afraid, yet there are also so many parts of me that can't wait. I hope I'll be able to find out more stories and culture to share, so that I could continue to inspire people to keep going, to keep moving towards their goal, working on getting out of their comfort zone.

    I also have been preparing some work to be done when I'm there during my down period as we might be staying in early because of safety reasons. And I might spend a great deal of time in Dubai reconnecting with the introvert in me as my extroverted self would take a break and recharge.

    There are 3 more travel projects coming up, and 2020 is definitely a year to look towards. But I'll definitely try to get myself out of this rut, fix myself and work hard on being the best version of myself.

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