Five Guys

    Five Guys Abu Dhabi Omar

    I met Omar whom I believe introduced this as a local favorite to me. Five Guys is currently wildly popular on social media as he said he have seen this around everywhere on the internet. They were very confident that they have good burgers and fries as they put their “credentials” everywhere.

    Five Guys Abu Dhabi Place

    I tried the cheeseburger (of course), took on the large fries, and a drink. They actually provide free refill for their drinks and also there are free flow peanuts for you to munch on while waiting. They are famous for using peanut oil as part of their recipe and you could see boxes of it lying everywhere when you’re at Five Guys. 

    Five Guys Abu Dhabi Menu

    Here's a menu for your reference, and this branch is situated at the Marina Mall of Abu Dhabi!

    Five Guys Abu Dhabi Food Burger Fries

    And the food came! The burger is really good and the meat is tender. I love how the cheese melts only halfway and it’s soft but not completely melted. I didn’t know that they actually double up on the serving of fries. The fries are first served via a cup (like the ones that held the drinks), and on top of that, they’ll pour a second serving into the bag. I was actually happy that there are a lot of extra fries at first, but after the first big cup, I’m almost done. I took on the second cup but I gave up in the second half. I recount my “ordeal” with the manager as we chatted. 

    “God, I’m actually a slut for fries, but this is actually too much!”

    “Ahaha, because the large fries is usually for 3-4 pax”, he explained while laughing

    We exchanged names, and I gave him a sticker as he asked for my socials and website. So here’s a toast to you, Vincent, if you’re seeing this! And I decided to write on the wall and I kept it short and sweet.

    “Five Stars for Five Guys!!!”

    Name: Five Guys Abu Dhabi
    Opening Hours: 10AM-12AM

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